Ronald D. Argent

Present Position

President and C.E.O. of Argent Enterprises Incorporated.  A glass factory design, supply, and construction company Incorporated in 1999. 

 The A.E.Inc. company also acts as an agent on an exclusive basis for several other glass factory-construction related companies, these activities combined with the additional association of several other companies by means of cooperative agreements permit A.E.Inc. to supply a complete glass manufacturing facility if required.


*       American Ceramics Society - Member since 1977.  Presented various papers

*       Canadian Ceramics Society - Member since 1977.  Presented various papers

*       Scandinavian Society for Glass Technology (Nordiska Glastekniska Forenigen, NGF) - Member since 1975. Presented various papers

*       Society for Glass Science and Practices - Member since 1977.  Past President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Program Chairman. Presented numerous papers   

*       Crystal Federation member from 1997 - Attending the annual meetings. Presented various papers.

*       Society of Glass Technology, England member since 1967.  Presented various papers.  Elected as a fellow of the Society in 2004 (FSGT).

*       Society of Glass Technology, North American Division, U.S.A. Member since 1995. Chairman of N.A. Section for 1998-1999. Presented various papers.

*       Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers ( I.E.E.E.), U.S.A. - Member 1976 to closure of the glass division in 1990. Past Director of Glass Division. Presented various papers.

*       International Congress on Glass Co- Chairman of Fund Raising Committee for 1998. Presented various papers.

*       Phoenix Award Committee - Member 1984 to 1999

Career Achievements

*       Presenter of more than 100 papers associated with glass melting process, with at least 60% published. Papers presented in ten different countries.

*       Patent holder and owner of several glass melting systems and/or associated pieces of equipment.

*       Participated on over 160 furnace designs and over 60 operating furnace audits.

*       Successfully managed two engineering companies in the U.S.A.  K.T.G. Glassworks Technology Inc (1978 to 1990) and Frazier Simplex Inc (1990 to 2000)


Over 40 Years associated with the glass industry

*       Started career in glass with Penelectro Ltd. in England 1962. Penelectro sold to King Taudivin & Gregson  ( K.T.G. ) 1976

*       Remained with K.T.G. in England 1976-1978.

*       Opened the North American division of K.T.G. in 1978. As general manager remained until Nov of 1990.

*       Created representation for K.T.G. in Canada, Mexico and Japan. Also involved in creating a partnership between K.T.G. and Klug Systems Inc. of Rochester, NY

*       Joined Frazier-Simplex Inc in February 1991 as Executive V.P. and C.O.O.  In 1994, became President of Frazier-Simplex Inc, President of the Frazier-Simplex Machine Co, and Managing Director of Frazier-Simplex Europe Co.  Created industry partnerships world wide to enhance Frazier-Simplex's technical capabilities and abilities to process large contracts.  Developed and managed the creation and processing of a new product range of glass-melting furnaces and batch-charging systems.

*       Founded ARGENT ENTERPRISES in February 1991 and became an Incorporated  company in June of 1999.


*       Graduated from Timberlog Lane High School, Basildon, Essex, England in 1962.

*       Attended Frieans Grammar School for post high school studies from 1962-1967 majoring in Engineering Studies ( Evening study program )

*       Attended West Thurrouck Technical College in Essex, England from 1962-1967 Electro/Mechanical Engineering was primary area of study and M.T.I. and M.T.II (Day release program)

*       1967- Present- Glass industry related studies to compliment job position, including several technical courses, business management/sales studies, and a number of correspondence courses.