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Batisti Meccanica Srl

       <click on logo to go to Batisti Mecannica homepage>

Batisti Meccanica is a specialist company working only in glass located in Empoli Italy, the company has been designing and manufacturing glass finishing machines since 1960.

The types of machines that they make can grind, drill, polish and cut glass, there are many examples of their products in operation in Europe. Recently Batisti decided to appoint Argent Enterprises Inc as their exclusive agent to the U.S.A. and Canadian market. To learn more about Batisti we invite you to visit their web site by clicking on the Batisti logo above, or by contacting A.E.Inc.

Batisti not only has the machines shown on their web site but they are frequently called upon to design and build machines for a unique glass finishing requirements. Please let us know what your needs are we may be able to satisfy your needs with standard pieces of equipment or we can build a customized machine for you.



Last modified: January 07, 2005