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Antonini - Supplying annealing and decorating lehrs for use with hollow glass wear.  A.E. Inc is the exclusive agent for North America.

Batisti Meccanica Srl.  Glass finishing machines are designed and manufactured by Batisti Meccanica  in Italy for grinding, cutting, engraving, polishing, and drilling, these pieces of equipment are offered to the U.S.A. & Canadian market on an exclusive basis by A.E. Inc.

Falorni Gianfranco, srl - Offering major construction for glass manufacturing facilities, including: batch houses, furnaces, machines, annealing processes, inspection, packing, and shipping.  Offering mini and micro glass melting day-tanks and pot furnaces. 

JSJ Jodeit GmbH - Specializes in design and construction of all electric furnaces, all electric forehearths, electric-boosting systems, oxy-gas fired furnaces, and air-gas recuperative furnaces.  They utilize refractory-lined recuperation, in all of the above referenced furnaces and systems.  All systems are typically used for the production of high quality low volume glass with outputs of up to 40 tons per day.  The range of associated components available includes: electrode holders for side, bottom or top entry installations and electric drains for side or bottom applications.  JSJ Jodeit also has special platinum furnaces available for very low out production, exceptionally high quality glass.

Motim Fused Cast Refractories Ltd. - Manufacturer of AZS (ZAC) for use in the glass melting process.

Parkinson Spencer Refractories, Ltd. - Manufacturer of high Alumina refractory for use in glass melting processes.



Last modified: October 15, 2012